What is Flockworks?

Social Intelligence in Semantic Space

Flockworks is a powerful artificial intelligence technology that is able to analyse written language to extract deep relationships and meaning. It is used by the content discovery service Enliten, (which has its own API).

Vast quantities of English language from public sources (such as the entire English Wikipedia) were statistically analysed, producing a detailed database which can be used to assign any word, sentence, or document a position in a many-dimensional “Semantic Space”.

Semantic Space has the extraordinary property that things that are close by each other in that space will also be close in meaning.  Thus it is possible to find documents that are about similar topics by looking at an area within Semantic Space, in much the same way that books kept together in a public library will be related.

The Flockworks API provides RESTful methods for accessing your own Semantic Space; for storing objects within it, querying it, and for creating layers of category and relevance by overlaying tags and ratings. This enables developers to create software that clusters, auto-categorises, auto-rates, auto-tags, performs semantic searches, and generally brings data alive.

If you’re familiar with AJAX and JSON, it’s incredibly easy to use. We’ll have you cruising through Semantic Space in no time!