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Enliten is a Personal Newspaper that is driven by Semantic Social IntelligenceTM and works off any content, feed, data or information source. It uses powerful information aggregation, as well as intelligent semantic filtering to bring quality relevant information that eradicates information overload.

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Enliten is your Personal Newspaper that learns what you like

What is Enliten?

Enliten collects news and information from hundreds of trusted sources and delivers it in a highly attractive personal newspaper full of engaging content.

You tell it what topics are important to you, as well as plugging in your social media accounts, and Enliten will aggregate and filter those information streams according to your interests, even as they evolve.

Your time is precious

How much time are you wasting reading through page-loads of uninteresting articles, tweets and facebook posts, just to find a few choice items? Enliten can do this job for you. The irrelevant stuff is hidden away. The good stuff magically floats to the top.

Create channels to match your interests

You create as many channels as you have interests, and you get your own newspaper for each channel.

Enliten is your personal newspaper

Enliten aggregates what’s important to you into an elegant easy to browse newspaper style page. You can create as many personal newspapers (or channels) as you like.

Publish your Channel

Publish your amazing channels to share them with friends and colleagues, so others can benefit from your curated content. If you find someone’s public channel you can follow it and make it your own.

Enliten learns what you like and what you don’t

Enliten takes note of what you’re interested in and semantically filters its results according to those interests, even if they change.

It does this using an intelligent semantic learning engine, which allows each channel to continually learn and adapts from your interaction with it to become ever increasingly relevant.

Now each time a new article comes in it can be semantically mapped to your interests to see how relevant it is!

Because information interests inside Enliten are organised into channels, each channel understands the particular interests of that channel, thus allowing for multiple interests.

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Why did we create Enliten?

Information Explosion

With the coming of the internet, came information explosion, a rapid increase in the amount of published information available on the internet and in a variety of media forms.

Information Pollution

Information explosion led to information pollution, with the contamination of information supply with irrelevant, redundant, unsolicited and low-value information. The spread of useless and undesirable information has been demonstrated to impair decision making processes.

Information Overload

The result of this information explosion and pollution has been information overload, a condition of our time, where a person has difficulty understanding an issue and making decisions because they are overwhelmed with the presence of too much information.

It is like sensory overload for the information age. It is the access to too much information, almost instantaneously, without knowing the validity or quality of that information. This condition can lead to decision paralysis, where the person is unable to make a judgment as they cannot see what is relevant anymore.

Enliten hails the end of Information Overload

Enliten was created to stop people suffering from Information Overload.

Because Enliten aggregates information around your interests into distinct channels or single stream views, it removes the need to filter through masses of irrelevant information to find what you’re looking for. Rather than looking for the information, the information comes to you already aggregated and filtered in the form you want it.

Thus you can breathe a sigh of relief as Enliten delivers only quality filtered information.

Read more about Information Overload and how Enliten solves this problem.

Vote on the articles you like, enliten learns what you read and shows you more like that See how much Enliten has learned about the news you read

How can Enliten be used?

Plug in your own information or data

Enliten can be configured to create intelligence around any kind of information or data.

Enliten is pre-configured to use all its information sources (most main stream information sources on the web, as well as Twitter, Facebook and Linked In streams) to create your information channels.

However Enliten can be configured to use specific or custom information sources only, producing targeted results for your information channels.

Media & News Monitoring

Enliten is a sophisticated intelligent media monitor that can be configured to track any kind of information you want. This could be a company, industry related news, people, topics, events, places and projects to name but a few.

Industry Intelligence

Enliten can provide intelligence relating to specific industries. This could include customer intelligence, competitor intelligence or market analysis.

Competitor Analysis

Find out what your competitors are doing and stay up to date on your industry to allow you to make well informed decisions.

Lead Generation

Generate new opportunities, sales leads and potential customers by finding people, companies or projects that need your services.

About this Technology

Semantic Social IntelligenceTM

At Kudos Knowledge we have invented Semantic Social IntelligenceTM technology, which is a form of artificial intelligence that has the ability to discover meaningful relationships inside any content.

We use this to enhance the user experience, typically by making meaningful connections that the user was hereto unaware of, as well programming our applications to learn from human interaction and adapt their results to the user’s needs or interests, even as they evolve.

The Kudos Semantic Platform API

We have encapsulated this technology into a Semantic Platform and API, which we use to drive our own products, but which also allows any (3rd party) application to utilise this technology to create superior solutions.

Semantic Case Studies

To better understand this technology through examples, we suggest you have a look at some of our semantic case studies.

Semantic Learning Engine

The semantic learning engine is part of the Kudos semantic platform. It consists of a method of rating content as interesting or not to a user. This allows an application to filter content based on the evolving interests of the user, by overlaying the users interests onto data or content.

By introducing a learning engine that responds to human behavior you can increase the value of the results by continually adapting and improving to a user’s changing interests.